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Motorhome Insurance

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Motorhome Insurance

The Importance of Motorhome Insurance

As with your car insurance, insuring your motorhome a legal requirement to driving it on public roads. It will also provide peace of mind against any inconveniences you may experience while on holiday such as theft, accident or loss. The right insurance cover will help to smoothen out any misfortunes with ease and less time. 

Insuring a Chausson Motorhome

Because the new Chausson is constructed to the highest standards for resistance and improved protection you will be offered a lower price for your insurance than a lower quality motorhome.  Chausson has partnered with Ford to build a chassis which is durable and trusted by insurance companies.  

The Chausson Chassis includes breaking assistance (ABS) as well as anti-slipping (ASR) to regulate acceleration. Along with the dynamic trajectory control (ESP) to optimise stability on curves, you can trust the Chassis. These high safety standards make buying a new Chasson a great choice for lower insurance costs. 

What to look for in a motorhome insurance cover?  

Insuring your motorhome is not too dissimilar to insuring your car. You can find specialist insurers that know how motorhome insurance works. These people are able to customise an insurance policy to suit your needs. There are a few things you need to look out for when insuring your motorhome. These include:

  • If you are new to the motorhome way of life, will you be allowed a reduction premium based on the number of claims from your personal vehicle or do you start from scratch?
  • Does your insurance policy allow for a full compensation if your fittings and fixtures are damaged?
  • Does the policy provide enough content cover for your motorhome equipment to prevent you from incurring large replacement costs?
  • Is the windscreen cover inclusive of broken glass on the other windows and any scratched bodywork due to broken glass or have the option of repairing it at home?
  • How much is the European cover extended in one trip?
  • There are some insurance companies claim that you are covered annually with exception of travelling for 60 days continuously -are you charged extra for every travel you make?
  • In the event your vehicle breaks down, does your insurance extend to Europe with no restrictions for travelling?
  • Does your insurance company have a claims department that understands the needs of a motorhome owner? 

Finally, don't forget to make sure that your motorhome insurance policy covers everyone who is travelling with you.  

How do I make a claim?  

If you are looking to make a claim due to an accident that you have caused, your insurer may have a problem with you. This is especially if you have admitted liability and promised to take care of the damages you caused to the other person.  In a situation where your van has been stolen or broken into, the first step is to contact the police. They will give you a crime number. Contact your insurer immediately and let them be aware of the situation. The crime number is necessary to the insurer so that they can follow up on the case. 

If you motorhome has been damaged due to fire or floods, chances are everything in it will be damaged. You can begin by salvaging some of the items to reduce the damages. However, before you begin any repairs, it is crucial that your insurance company makes a full assessment on all the damages. This will ensure that you get a full compensation.   

There are a few facts you need to have when contacting your insurance company. Make a record of the dates, places, specific times and any relevant information such as names of people involved. This information helps to show that you are making a claim after being in an accident or being stolen from. using your smartphone, you could take a few pictures or videos that will be part of the evidence. 

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