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Protecting your motorhome over winter

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  • 22-11-2018
Protecting your motorhome over winter

Protecting your motorhome over winter

When the coldest time of the year hits the UK, only two options are available. To go for a summer holiday elsewhere or stick around until springtime. If you are not planning to use your motorhome over the winter, then you should prepare it for storage. The preparation keep your vehicle safe and functioning when it is time to venture out again. Propering wintering maintenance will also extend the lifespan of your motorhome and its fittings. 

Interior preparations 

If you do not want bad odours when you start driving again, clean the interior of your motorhome adequately. Make sure you empty all the foods in the cabinet and the fridge. Turn off the fridge, defrost the freezer and leave the door open for fresh air circulation. It is advisable to place baking soda on fridge compartments as is absorbs nasty smells. 

Other interior preparation procedures include: 

  • Remove any clothes and bedding to prevent mildew growth.
  • Close all the windows, shutters and curtains and lock the sunroof to avoid the sun from discolouring your interior.
  • Open all drawers and doors of the cupboard wide open for air circulation.
  • Remove any gas cylinders and keep it in a safe place somewhere either in the garage or outdoor building.
  • Apply anti-rust oil on hinges to keep them from rusting.
  • Open the overhead air vent for proper air circulation

interior preparation for wintering

Water system 

Dealing with the water system during winter is one of the most significant practices in motorhomes, and it should not be overlooked. Water in the system freezes during the winter, and it can lead to severe damages. As a precaution, drain all the water in the system and leave the taps open to prevent pressure build-up. If you are not sure how to empty the water system, you can check the manufacturer’s guidebook for instruction. 

the toilet area of a motorhome

Other measures on the water system include: 

  • Draining the water from the toilet and cleaning it thoroughly.
  • Emptying all the water stored in portable containers to prevent mold and mildew growth.
  • Removing the showerhead and shaking it to drain any water residue.
  • Pump antifreeze through the water system to prevent any remaining water from freezing. 

Battery care 

You can opt to leave the battery in its place to power the alarm system or for starting the engine occasionally. Either way, it should be fully charged to prolong its life and prevent freezing. However, if you are planning to store your motorhome for several months, you should remove the battery and keep it charged in a place where it will not freeze. 

Exterior care 

Make sure to cover your motorhome with a quality cover that will prevent moisture and UV rays while still allowing air circulation. Other exterior care measures include: 

  • Keeping your motorhome on axle stand to ensure your tyres are kept safe.
  • Change the engine oil and add antifreeze additives.
  • Avoid starting the engine all the time since it can cause moisture build-up in the exhaust system and consequently to rusting.  

Check for repairs

During the winter period, it is a good time to check if there is any repair work that needs to be attended to. If you have bought a new Chausson motorhome you will also be guaranteed a two-year warranty on parts and labour.  

With the Chausson motorhome, you will receive an extra benefit from an annual check-up by a certified member of the Chausson network. Buying a new Chausson motorhome means that the water-tightness of overcabs and low profilers are guaranteed for 7 years.