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Standard Equipment for Our Chausson Models

Our Chausson Motorhomes are sold with a luxury range of Standard Equipment. This includes: Seven-Year Warranty, Panoramic Cabin Roof, Reinforced Chassis Extensions and the Easybed System.

Standard Equipment for Our Chausson Models

IRP Structure: 

The latest Insulation, Resistance & Protection technology is included as standard with all models of Chausson motorhomes. The reinforced exterior shell is a highly efficient layer which provide superior protection against outdoor elements, regardless of the season.

Seven-Year Warranty: 

Just as it’s important for your home to remain dry in all weather, it’s equally important for your motorhome to be water-resistant, regardless of where your adventure takes you. Chausson issues a 7-year water-tightness warranty with every model, giving you maximum peace of mind.

Outstanding Seitz Windows: 

Chausson motorhomes are equipped with Seitz windows as standard. As the industry-leading suppliers of caravan and motorhome windows, their products are specially designed with safety and security in mind, as they can’t be removed from the outside of the vehicle.

Panoramic Cabin Roof: 

The panoramic cabin roof means that you don’t have to choose between seeing the beautiful night sky and the comfort of sleeping indoors. In the day, this also means that the cabin is flooded with natural light, providing a light and airy ambience.

Full-width Rear Garage: 

With Chausson’s innovative layouts, you no longer have to compromise between having sufficient storage, sleeping and social space there is enough space in every Chausson model for all 3. Depending on the model you’ve chosen, there are double, or even triple access doors for optimal loading.

Reinforced Chassis Extensions: 

It’s little secret why Chausson became the synonym for sturdiness and reliability. Each material involved in a Chausson motorhome has been carefully chosen to due to their superior qualities, such as galvanised steel used to reinforce the chassis.

Reputable Carriers: 

Chausson motorhomes are built on chassis supplied by industry-leading brands known for their build quality and specialist design. Additionally, Chausson has a vast network of after-sales specialists who are trained in the leisure vehicle market.


At Chausson, we are constantly focused on how we can improve the user experience; this also means considering how easy it is to access certain features on our motorhomes, including built-in step plates and single-key access for specific models.

Efficient Heating: 

Your motorhome is your home away from home, so we’ve made sure to include an efficient heating system to keep you cosy and warm, whatever the weather. It’s centrally controlled and available to use on the road without any constraints.

Generous Bedding: 

There are over 60 different configurations to choose from in the entire Chausson range, each equipped with generously comfortable beds in a range from sizes; from twin singles to a luxurious king-size. There are also optional drop-down double beds on most models for additional berths.

Easybed System: 

Depending on the model you opt for, you’ll find our Easybed system as a standard feature. Most the beds positioned over the rear garage hold can be controlled with a simple switch to adjust the height, which in turn modifies the volume of the rear garage hold.

Double Ventilation: 

Working in tandem with the IRP structure, our specialist double ventilation system means that you don’t have to worry about moisture in the cabin. All windows used in Chausson bathrooms are opaque to protect your privacy.


Every Chausson motorhome is pre-installed with a convenient range of pre-equipment such as bike carrier adapters so you don’t have to compromise the security of your motorhome by drilling holes in the shell.

Spacious Showers:

A hot, relaxing shower is something you don’t need to give up in exchange for life on the road. Each of Chausson’s innovative configurations are equipped with an independent shower unit of elegant construction, with rigid partitions instead of PVC curtains.

Lighting Design: 

Aside from large windows for a bright and airy interior, there are also a range of environmentally-friendly and efficient LED fixtures in the cabin for those cosy evenings, including subtle night lighting for additional safety and a gentle ambience.

Comfortable Seating:

For maximum comfort on the road, the seating used in Chausson motorhomes are specially designed to provide resilient back support, as well as a resistance to sagging over the time. The driver and front passenger seats are additionally equipped with adjustable headrests to for safety whilst you’re on the move.

Practical by Design:

Chausson motorhome are equal parts stylish and practical; within every Chausson model you’ll find a range of convenient features as standard, including cushion-lined and latched drawers for security while the vehicle is in motion, as well as a fully adjustable dining room table for ease of circulation and comfort.