Chausson 627ga Review

If you are looking for upgrading your motorhome this year and have already set your mind to get a low-profile motorhome.  You can surely consider the Chausson 627ga. Low-profile motorhomes are very popular motorhomes and also the best alternative to coach built. The low-profile motorhomes provide you with sleek looks and also saves you a lot of money as you save on a fuel consumption. It has all the fittings which are the same as the coach built as it has many layouts.

Detailed Review for Chausson 627ga

Chausson 627ga is suitable for a small family who are looking for a huge space. Purchasing a motorhome is a very big decision and should be taken very seriously. If you are looking for a motorhome with good internal layout and all the gadgets in the world. You can always opt for the Chausson 627ga which has Berth options for: 2/4, Travel seats for 4 adults. 

Features of Chausson 627ga
Manufacturer Chausson
Model Year 2018
Range Flash
Class Low Profile
Base Vehicle Fiat Ducato
Payload (kg) 675
Engine Size 2.3TD
Maximum weight (kg) 3500
Price from (£) 48600
Belted Seats 4
Height (m) 2.89
Width (m) 2.35
Length (m) 6.96
Main Layout Fixed Single Bed
Berth 3


Everyone knows that each Chausson could be known as the sleekly designed comprehensively equipped motorhomes. You have a choice to choose between Ford and a fiat for the vehicle base. Hence this French company has designed six of the best layouts and added more features to it for approximately the same price. There are sub seven profiles if you choose the ford base and three over seven layouts if you choose fiat.

Now coming to the price this model ranges according to the features. The Flash trim option is for £47,570. If you add the VIP Pack which has the air-conditioner & passenger airbag, the price goes up to £48,870. It further exceeds to £51,680 if you want the welcome specification. However, they have added a flash special package for £48,880. This Flash motorhome gets all VIP packs and also gets an upgrade of the motor from 130bhp to a 170bhp for just an extra amount of £1,300. Also, in addition to this you are also provided with a camera for reversing and an alloy wheel of 16 in. 

It’s not just that you get small free toys. The interior has different furniture finish which is not available for any of the versions. This furniture finish is known as Salinas and is a wood in light color with highlights of white. The model of 2018 had a single bed feature in a body of 6.99m. To create more space for the lounge the bathroom is designed a bit differently in the newer version and also the single bed has now been changed to a drop-down bed and it has a double berth in the motor home.

It has a compact feature but the lounge space is good. The bathroom does not show as it is hidden behind the tambour door. The bathroom is spacious and has screen covers and a top locker for the times when you are in the shower. The garage has a door for loading things and has an extra space for the gas cylinder. The headroom in the interior has a maximum headroom of 1.14m.

Factors to Consider Before Buying the Motor Home

  • Create A Wish List
  • Make Sure It Has Enough Room
  • Get the Layout Right
  • Triple Check Your Cupboard Space
  • Stick to Your Budget
  • Look at New and Used Vehicles
  • Find A Good Mechanic
  • Try Before You Buy
  • Make Sure Everyone Can Drive It
  • Don’t Forget Insurance
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