Chausson 640 Titanium Motorhome Review

There are many people who like to visit and explore new places in their recreational vehicle or RV. These are big sized vehicles that have all the facilities of your own home. There are many people who call their RVs as motorhomes. These vehicles normally have enough sleeping space for 2 to 8 people at a time and also come with an in-built kitchen. All other appliances that you use at home, such as refrigerators, televisions, sinks, ovens, and stovetops are available inside a RV.

Chausson 640 Titanium Motorhome

This motorhome is one of the best when it comes to recreational vehicles. The length of the vehicle is 6.99m with a width of 2.35m and a height of 2.92m. The gross weight of the vehicle is 3,500 kg and the payload is 570 kg.

Chausson is a French brand that is one of the most successful brands when it comes to motorhomes. It has several models in this category, two of the most popular ones being Flash and Welcome. However, the Chausson 640 Titanium motorhome is comparatively a newer brand by this car maker. The motorhome comes with a grey coach built bodywork. One of the most unusual features of this vehicle is its automatic gearbox, which is a standard feature.

The Chausson 640 Titanium Motorhome comes with a 170bhp engine, as well as, a six-speed torque converter transmission. This transmission is fitted in all the Titanium models. All of these motorhomes come with factory fitted Euro 6 engines that enhance improved refinement and pretty strong performance. The auto’ gearbox will prove to be a revelation to any person who owns a Ford motorhome that comes equipped with the Comfort-Matic.

The Chausson 640 Titanium Motorhome is extremely sophisticated and it offers a rather pleasant ride. When you sit behind the wheel, you will feel like driving a commercial vehicle. This motorhome gets alloy wheels that makes it look different as compared to other motor homes of the same car maker. It comes with automatic wipers and lights, as well as, a heated windscreen which is a standard accessory in the Titanium.

There are several usual features that you will find in the Chausson 640 Titanium motorhome, such as cab air-conditioning, reversing camera, and cruise control. There are several reasons for you to buy the Chausson 640 Titanium motorhome. One of the key reasons is that it is a good-to-drive and high-spec base vehicle.


If you compare the pricing of the Chausson 640 Titanium motorhome with any other motorhome made by some other car maker, you will notice that the price is not subject to any additional pack. You will also notice that there are no options when it comes to the price. There are five layouts for you to choose from, all of which are best sellers for the brand.

If you look at the Chausson 640 Titanium Motorhome you will understand why people call it one of the Maxi lounge models. It comes with long side settees and the cab seats are also swivel. There is also a sunroof at the top of the vehicle that allows the daylight to flood inside the vehicle. This is also one of the best spaces inside the vehicle for couples to relax and unwind.

The benches of the motorhome can easily be converted into face forward travel seats. This motorhome is capable of carrying four people at a time. If you have little kids or grandkids, you can easily accommodate them in an awning or a tent. The washroom of this motorhome is extra-large and the huge sized shower area is also separate. When it comes to big sized features, you should also be happy to find a big sized wardrobe inside the vehicle. It is located in such a manner that it turns the bathroom into an effective changing room.

Compared to the kitchen found in other RVs, the kitchen of the Chausson 640 Titanium motorhome is rather impressive. It provides plenty of workshops before you even decide to deploy the folding panel. There is a 167L fridge inside the vehicle that lets you pack in almost everything you can think of.

There are several types of RVs or motorhomes in the market. If you are thinking of buying one for yourself, it will be a good thing to compare the various options available for you. Different types of RVs come with different features and price tags. Thus, it will be better to do some research and then choose the best one as per your budget and needs.

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