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Chausson Welcome Low Profile Finish

The Chausson Welcome low profile finish offers you all that you would need from a low profile motorhome. The Chausson Welcome finish is extremely popular and comes backed with features - including a choice of as many as twenty different layouts - that is sure to keep you in awe. 

Chausson Welcome Low Profile Finish

With over 10 models and a huge variety of configuration options from the choice of carrier; cab colour; lounge layout; bedding; and even equipment level, it’s not difficult to understand why the Low Profile range is one of Chausson’s most popular product line. 

Starting from choosing a Fiat or Ford base, each motorhome is made to measure to your very specifications. 

Chausson Welcome 530

Ultra Compact Yet Deceptively Spacious

Chausson Welcome 610

Ideal For Active Leisure Enthusiasts

Chausson Welcome 630

Innovative Independent Roof Beds

Chausson Welcome 738 XLB

Generous XL Island Bed and a Smart Lounge

Chausson Welcome 747 GA

Designed For Outdoor Adventures

Chausson Welcome 757

Spacious Maxi Bathroom and Twin Beds

Chausson Welcome 767 GA

Smartlounge and Twin Beds in a Compact 7.2m

Chausson Welcome 768

An Innovative Layout

Chausson Welcome Review

Apart from the fact that it has a bed width of around 1.6 metre and is available on both Fiat and Ford Chassis, you can choose one with or without a roof bed for extra accommodation. Add to it that the stylish interior and exterior, a fantastic range of standard equipment and versatile layout and you have yourself a motorhome which offers excellent value for money and no compromises in quality.

interior of the welcome finish

The Interior

For a budget motorhome, it does pack in some great features even when it comes to the interiors. You have everything from a USB socket to a telescopic table leg and even cab seats with double armseats. You would perhaps love the hideway bed the most, which converts the social area into a generous double bed for extra guests at the flick of a switch

exterior of a Chausson welcome motorhome

The Exterior

It is perhaps the Seitz windows that you would love the most. Or, perhaps it is the special motorhome chassis is what would make your motorhome stand apart from others. There is the TECHNIBOX, the polyester coachwork and the styrofoam insulation. There is also the 63 mm thick floor, making for a complete motorhome that you would fall in love with. 

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